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1. The Administrator of Ascension Island

An extremely popular and nicely laid out site which we first created in 1997. This is an excellent example of a clean, fast loading web site and is the official Government web site for the small island of Ascension Island. This site advertises the island in 'style' and provides in-depth information about the island's many features.
Dynamic News Page - News articles and associated graphics can be added, modified and deleted by the owner of the site via a secure control panel.
Virtual Reality Tour - An interactive map of the island with clickable 'hotspots', where the Internet user can click on an area of the map and "virtually" visit the area he/she clicks on. There are twenty-six individual QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) tours of the island on this site. These tours can be panned around 360 degrees as well as zoomed in and out.
This site is written in a mixture of plain HTML for static pages and the PHP dynamic scripting language with a MySql Database is used for the news pages. JavaScript is used to dynamically load the scenic thumbnail images in the top left of each page and QTVR is used for the virtual reality tour.
Client Comments...

“Thank you indeed for making such an excellent job of the Ascension Island's website. Not only are we getting more enquiries about the Island and the possibility of visiting here but business through our Post Office website is going from strength to strength.

Geoffrey Fairhurst
Administrator of Ascension Island

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