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1. Saint Helena Post Office & Philatelic Bureau

A new site in 2002 that we are very proud of! The Island of St Helena Post Office sells St Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha philatelic items, local currency and souvenir items on-line. The aim of this site is to be the very best philatelic e-commerce site on the Internet and as with all our sites, strict attention to detail has been employed. Record sales are expected...
The whole site is written in the PHP dynamic scripting language with a MySql Database on the backend with excellent functionality for both the client and their customers.

A choice of three currencies can be selected (more can be added) which are dynamically and automatically updated on a daily basis.
Administration of the whole site is achieved by a secure password protected control panel where:
• Products may be added, edited or removed from the catalogue
• Graphics of products can be uploaded direct from the clients PC to our web server without the need of an FTP client.
• Credit Cards are processed
• The order and shipping status is recorded
• Almost every other part of the site can be configured from this Administration Page
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2. Zimbabwe Sculpture

A beautiful new e-commerce site for 2002. ZimSculpt.Com sells only the very finest examples of Zimbabwean Sculpture and provides in-depth showcase portfolios about their contributing artists.

Our aim with this site was to make this site the "centre of excellence" for all Zimbabwe Sculpture art. To help achieve this we designed a very clean and uncluttered interface with plenty of "space" so as to put the main focus on their outstanding examples of sculpture art.

Within a short period, our Search Engine submission and marketing service placed the site at the top of the popular Google Search Engine, for the search term "Zimbabwe Sculpture" (Do this Google search here - opens in new window).
This site is written in the dynamic scripting language ' ASP', with all the site's data residing on a Microsoft database on our Windows 2000 (NT) server.

The site is securely and easily administered by the site owners utilising a CrownNet Internet Solutions designed password protected interface .Uploading new images to our server is also easily achieved through the administration page without the need to use an FTP client.
Client Comments...

“We are now ranked prominently as one of the leading sites on all the major search engines. Nathan managed to do this in an amazingly short space of time...

Visitors to our site have commented favourably on our site's easy of use, interesting content and the speed with which they can download pages from the site...

Having experienced success with our own site, I would thoroughly recommend this company as an excellent choice should you wish to have a cutting edge web site. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate in contacting me.”

Glenn Sullivan
Company Director
ZimSculpt.Com - Zimbabwe Sculpture

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3. The Island of Saint Helena Coffee Company

Subtle graphics and typography enhance the elegance of the Island of St Helena Coffee Company's image. The owner of this site sells exclusive (and expensive) coffee, that is grown on his plantations on the tiny Island of Saint Helena. On-line sales are achieved via a secure server and the site provides some excellent information about the Island of St Helena. Since going on-line, the owner of the company has reported record world-wide sales and is very satisfied with the results.
This site is written in HTML with a JavaScript Shopping Cart system and maintained exclusively by CrownNet Internet Solutions on behalf of The Island of Saint Helena Coffee Company.
Client Comments...

“CrownNet's support, services, advice and helpfulness are second to none.

I highly recommend this company whose professionalism has played such a major part in the success of our web site.”

David R. Henry
Chief Executive
The Island of St Helena Coffee Company.

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4. Ascension Island Post Office & Philatelic Bureau

New in July 2002, The Ascension Island Post Office sells Saint Helena and Ascension Island philatelic items, local currency and souvenir items on-line. Excellent online sale results have safeguarded several jobs within the Post Office and brought in much-needed revenue to the island.
The whole site is written in the PHP dynamic scripting language with a MySql Database on the backend. This has improved the general speed and functionality of the site and allows the client to update the whole site through a secure administration page.
Client Comments...

“Thank you for making such an excellent job...

...business through our Post Office website is going from strength to strength.

Geoffrey Fairhurst
Administrator of Ascension Island

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